Several workshops are hosted.

  • Bodies for sport

At the hand of individual analysis, discussing anthropometry and what the body consists of. The workshop looks at realistic goal setting for anthropometry changes and discusses general dietary changes to support goals.

  • Fueling bodies for sport

This workshop deals with the contribution of food to energy levels, the planning of meals and construction of pre-training and post-training snacks and/or meals.

  • Hydration

The workshop discusses the importance of hydration and comparing beverage qualities and quantities. The workshop is presented in a sport specific environment where participants will determine their own sweat rate.

  • Eating for competition

The general recommendations for eating prior to, during and after competition is discussed with practical planning of a competition day menu.

  • Coaches

The workshop aims to increase coaches’ nutrition knowledge and skills to provide sustainable food messages to athletes. The workshop includes ample opportunity for Q and A sessions.

  • Eating on the run

Dealing with the limitation of time availability, the workshop aims to present easy, quick meal ideas. Participants will evaluate take-away and restaurant menus and practice to make better choices.

  • Healthy eating

This workshop aims to increase skills to make healthier choices and incorporate whole foods into the diet. Meal planning, shopping and food preparation are covered.

  • Design your own workshop

Discuss any nutrition education needs with me to develop a tailor-made workshop for your audience, e.g. sport-specific information, corporate wellness and awareness, meal planning and kids workshops.

Workshops run over 3 hours and include handouts and snacks. For further enquiries please contact 082 5573419 or


The dietitian is available to talk at any event on sport and general nutrition throughout South Africa.

For further enquiries or to book please contact us at
(c) 082 5573419 or (e)

For further enquiries or to book please contact us at (c) 082 5573419 or (e)